Apr 6

Glory be to God. On April 6th, we moved into a restored church building. Since that time, we have celebrated our 60th Anniversary as a church (one year later) and dedicated the restored building to God’s use. Thanks to everyone who prayed for us during our year of change and also to those who donated in generous and thoughtful ways.

Feb 30

A look at whats going on

Feb 13

After almost eight months, the scaffolding system in the sanctuary came down today. Next up - painting the inside of the entire building.

Jan 31

Some colour coming onto the walls in the pastor's office and the consistory room. The ceiling and ceiling walls are coming along nicely, too.

All praise and glory to our good God!

Jan 29

The ceiling in the sanctuary is being primed in preparation for painting. Check it out.

Jan 14

Construction is progressing

Nov 19

The second floor of the building is ready for drywall. That part of the project is starting today. The bottom floor of the building is currently being wired and ducts for the HVAC are being installed. Lots going on this week.

All thanks and praise be to our God

Nov 12

Lots going on at the church this week. The electrician is doing his thing. The heating technician is running ductwork. The framers are installing some drywall. And there is insulation going in.

We continue to praise God and pray for his blessings.

Oct 25

Way back in the sumer, I was asked by the Reformed Church in America (RCA) to write a short piece about our fires. It has finally been published in the RCA Today (delivered soon) and posted online. Check it out here - https://www.rca.org/sslpage.aspx?pid=9600

Sept 23

New windows are being installed

Sept 17

Somemore pictures of work being done

July 28

Somemore pictures of work being done

June 26

A few pictures from work at the church this morning.

June 25

And we're off...

Workers were in the church today, starting the restoration process.

Thanks be to God!

June 23

Good news. The tenders are all in and we should have work happening in the church within the week.

Check out this picture. Mark Heeringa is putting on his workbooks. He'll keep wearing them on Sundays until we are back into our building.

All glory to God!

May 23


It’s been six weeks since we suffered another fire in our church building. During that time, our insurance company has been preparing an extensive "scope of work" for the cleanup and restoration. That "scope of work" is now finished and the estimated cost of the needed is over $600K. The full amount of the work needed will be covered by our insurance policy. The project will now go to tender which will be bid on by two companies over the coming weeks. Once the successful bidder is identified, we will have more information on the exact start date and approximate length of the restoration process.

With regard to the building contents, they have all been itemized by the insurance company and declared a full loss. The insurance company will "pay out" to us the full value of our content coverage as listed in the policy. This should be adequate to replace our equipment and other basic building content needs.

A challenge has been securing insurance going forward. Our existing policy expired in early May. Given our claims history, replacing our insurance policy has proven to be time-consuming and potentially expensive (VERY expensive). After re-negotiating and re-re-negotiating with various insurance providers, we are grateful to God that our original insurance company has agreed to extend our policy at the same terms and rate, at least until we are back again into our church building. (A big thanks to Mark Heeringa for his work and persistence in this matter! May God continue to bless Mark for and in his faithfulness and service).

We continue to meet on Sunday morning at 9am at Wesley United Church (on the corner of Fruitland Rd and Highway 8). We are grateful to the fine folks at Wesley United Church for their hospitality and kindness to us.

Finally, we are grateful to God for is continued strength to us. We pray that he will bless us as a church during this transition time. We also pray that we may continue to strengthen one another and continue in our faithfulness to God and his church. To him be all glory, honour and praise!

April 23

Look what I got today! One of the insurance workers gave it to me while they were assessing the scope of repairs needed at the church. This will certainly come in handy.

April 19

I managed to salvage my klompen (Wooden Shoes) from my smelly, sooty office today. I have had them since I was a small child. Beppe & Pake (grandparents) brought them back for me from Holland. Glad to have them back. I tried to salvage a few other items, but not much luck. Most if it is just too dirty.

April 17

The Stoney Creek News is a doing a front page story on the fire in our church building. You can see the web-edition of the story here.

April 14

Grateful to God for a beautiful Sunday Service this morning. It was so nice to be together as Ebenezer Reformed Church. We are grateful to Wesley United Church for allowing us to share their building. We pray that God will continue to bless us as church, to deepen our trust of Him, and to use us to His honour and glory.

April 10

Update on the Fire:

As reported in our previous post, we had another fire in our church building. It has been confirmed by three different professional fire investigators that the fire was started in a malfunctioning vacuum cleaner. It was indicated to us that they are "certain" (their words) of this.

The heat, smoke and soot damage is very extensive. This was a serious fire. All of the contents of the building are considered a total loss--everything is damaged or destroyed. The building itself will require extensive restoration. This will not be a quick process, but will likely take at least six months.

Consistory met this evening to determine some next steps. We will be meeting on Sunday morning at 9am at Wesley United Church (on the corner of Fruitland Rd and Highway 8). Please plan to attend this service as important information about the fire, insurance coverage and the restoration process will be shared. We are grateful to the fine folks at Wesley United Church for their invitation to share their facility while we wait for ours to be restored.

April 7

There was a fire in the church building overnight last night. This was the second fire at the church in as many months. This second fire was contained to the custodial closet, because the heat of the fire was so intense that it burst the water line, which put out the fire.

The smoke damage is very extensive to every part of the church building--much more extensive than the first fire. Fire investigators were at the church all day, seeking to determine a cause. While their report is not yet official, they don't believe anything criminal took place (that means no arson), but instead there was an equipment malfunction in a vacuum cleaner used last night.

Please note that the building is not accessible and is currently unsafe to occupy. Please do not enter the church building, by order of the Ontario Fire Marshal and our insurance company.

We thank God that nobody was hurt. We thank God that we have good insurance. We thank God that we still have a structurally sound building. We thank God that he will strengthen our faith through this HARD time. We pray that God will give us comfort during a devastating time. We pray that God will lessen our stress and increase our commitment to him and to each other. We pray that God will protect us and the church building. We pray that in all things God will be honoured, his church built up, and Jesus Christ glorified in all things.

The consistory will be meeting on Wednesday evening to determine next steps and hopefully have some more information from the insurance and restoration companies at that time. After the Wednesday evening meeting, the congregation will be updated about Sunday Service and some plans going forward.